Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 6: Living Life on My Own Terms

My three top priorities for the next 30 days!  One is to stay on course with the readings for a Financial Literacy class I am taking.  The class itself will … Continue reading

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Day 5: The Perfect Day

In one of my “perfect day” scenarios I wake up around 7 or 8 am naturally without an alarm clock.  I go through my quick Ten Minutes A Day Exercises, … Continue reading

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Day 4: My Definition of Location Independence

My definition of location Independence means being able to pick up and attend a conference or visit family and friends, or take a solo-cation whenever the urge hits.  By being … Continue reading

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Day 3:

Hmmm, my definition of freedom in business and adventure in life … Well, I would like to go and live in a place for 3-4 months and in each place do … Continue reading

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Day 2:

In following along in Day 2 of the 30 day Blog challenge, the question to answer is, “what would I do and who would I be if I woke up … Continue reading

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The 30 day Blog Challenge

I am starting this blog because I want to share my strategies for creating a life full of vitality. The definition of vitality is … NounThe state of being strong … Continue reading

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