Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 10: Revenue Streams

08Oct2013 105So, there are essentially three ways to make money online

  1. Create your own products/ service that solves problems.
  2. Promote and sell other people’s products/programs: ie affiliate or “trust” marketing using the authority you have built up.
  3. Advertise for others or have them advertise on our site, or perhaps Sponsoring your site or asking you to provide content for them.

Considering of course that automated and residual income pairs well with a location independent lifestyle rather than a more active model of being face to face with customers.

As usual, Natalie has got me thinking outside the box and I am making some progress with this whole designing my new lifestyle!  Here is my latest musing:

I will upload my exercise video which shows the fabulous 10-minutes a day series of movements that I have has such great anit-aging success with over the last few decades.  From my previous launch I know that what is needed to keep my clients on-track is to create a form of subscription/app around it that integrates to my recipe book.  This is all based around anti-aging science and the youthfulness that enjoyment and pleasure results in.  Let the endorphins rule!

The value that I create for my clients should result in traffic and I plan to JV with others and offer affiliate stuff on my website to pad my income and create win-win opportunities for those interested in wading through the hype and pursuing simple scientific based principles to health and wellness.

I will also offer a Networking Strategies Service where I connect my clients with the people they need to connect with in order to reach their personal and business goals.  This fits in well with my natural tendency to find cool events and track down information on the web.  I’m a good little spy and demonstrate ease and fearlessness when it comes to connecting with and meeting people. Perhaps my niche area- because I know I can’t be all things to all people- is in the area of biotech, cleantech, health & wellness and sustainability. Science-types tend to lack networking and social skills and I can help make connections.
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