Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 9: Online Businesses I Admire Most

Well, in general I admire an online business that resonates with authenticity.  I would like to model one that has a subscription and an app.  One that has content spanning from written blogs to video to podcasts.  One that gives good value to its followers by having a number of levels of engagement from free stuff to committed subscriptions and one-off purchases.  I would like to be able to have my clients track their successes when using my online Health and Wellness  program, when using my cookbook, when doing my exercises.  I want to be able to really engage with them by having contests and taking polls and use them to guide my teachings.

To that end I think doing a little project may be in order! I did this a few years ago and had good results but never fully launched.  I have the questionnaire and a video so it would be pretty easy to update it from a DVD format to a blog, survey and Youtube format.  I also have the data from my previous launch to compare how people do this time around.  Actually, I have a hit list of people to trial it for me!!!

OMG this is so exciting.  I guess this means I need to get the other website at a minimal functional state so people can get the app and the video and the poll etc.  Cool!




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