Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 5: The Perfect Day

In one of my “perfect day” scenarios I wake up around 7 or 8 am naturally without an alarm clock.  I go through my quick Ten Minutes A Day Exercises, go for a half hour run and hit the gym and then shower and have breakfast.  I would enjoy my with freshly made juice and coffee out on my deck.  As I eat I listen to 15-minutes of whatever language tape I am currently learning, or simply read a book.  Once the caffeine hits I chat with my friend or partner about what the day holds.

For the first one to two hours of my day, I will first check my stocks and set up trades for the next day as necessary. After that I will bang out a blog post and monitor my online health and wellness business.

The next 4-5 hours are spent with my clients in a face to face or webinar basis. If I am at home, I will go assist one of my clients set up their community growing system or do a webinar for my group of affiliates and develop any sales and marketing materials they require moving forward. If I am abroad then I will go and interview one of the organizations working towards novel solutions in the area of food security.  These interviews will form the basis of my new book and set the collaborative foundation for my new company.

It will feel great to be working closely with passionate people growing food.  It will be wonderful to share my gifts and apply scientific principles to grow in a sustainable fashion using clean technology.  Being in greenhouses is so relaxing, and the smell of the plants is so heady! it will be energizing to work closely with other entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals through our mutual collaboration.

Around 4 pm I will meet some friends, and maybe my boyfriend as well, for a drink and we will make dinner together or go out somewhere.  We might go take part in some meet-up event or a reading at the library or attend theatre or a wine tasting or catch a local band playing in a lounge somewhere.   After enjoying some nice food and wine and conversation i would be home by midnight.  I’d check my stocks again and set up trades as necessary and then set my three intentions for the next day.  I might make a few skype calls to friends and family abroad, read a bit before bed and then have a roll in the hay ( if i should be so fortunate!), and then hit the hay, for a a good nights sleep and start all over again!


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