Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 3:

Hmmm, my definition of freedom in business and adventure in life … Well, I would like to go and live in a place for 3-4 months and in each place do interviews and find out how communities are addressing food sovereignty issues.  I’m interested in growing organic food locally and getting these foodstuffs into the mainstream. In my previous business, it was all about selling an elite functional food to high end chefs to feed to foodies, and all this was at top dollar.  However, it was out of sync with my goals because it was feeding the good stuff to those who can afford it, while allowing people with less of a budget for healthy local organically grown food were left to do without. I suspect things must go in stages, in phases.  It won’t happen overnight, and perhaps this is where the blog and cookbook come in.  How to make your food dollars go further and learn to shop and cook with less waste.

Perhaps the second book/blog would be about revisioning the food distribution network. Maybe I could take advantage of AirBnB, visit friends in other locations, interview people in universities, farmers, civil servants, nutritionalists, cleantech experts, engineers, grocers, chefs, consumers, schools and find out first hand how each can be part of the solution to this puzzle.


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