Only Ten Minutes A Day

simple strategies for a lifestyle of vitality and fun

Day 2:

In following along in Day 2 of the 30 day Blog challenge, the question to answer is, “what would I do and who would I be if I woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything I wanted with my life”?  What I understand about the question is that SHOOT, I would still “BE” in the equation with all my failings and shortcomings and getting in my own way.  (And I know this for a fact because I have been in this privileged situation of having a new beginning before; and reinvented myself; and the trouble is that MYSELF always shows up).  So, no more creating a dream life that I don’t fit into very well, based on some fairy tale nonsense of who I think I should be.  

A passion of mine is to enable people to eat healthy delicious nourishing foods, prepared in an easy to perform fashion and eaten without haste, alongside a nice glass of wine, and often in the company of friends and family.  To that end I want to keep sourcing recipe ideas and recreating them in my own cooking style and sharing them.  One of the tenants of sharing a meal is the conversation that goes along with eating together. This is where community building comes in.  I am constantly sourcing novel things to do and engaging with organizations that put on events- be they lectures, workshops, film screenings, book-readings, wine tastings, parties, art exhibits, dance lessons, meet-up groups, etc. The community building allows for meeting new people, planning future outings, and discussing past outings. I get really jazzed up through finding common ground and improving the way things are done. There is too much TV going on and not enough action in most people’s lives. My mother calls me a “collector”: I collect people and impact their lives. I’d like to do this in a more formal and impactful way.

So how does this visioning look like? Get up, exercise, have breakfast and read a bit of news.  Check my stocks, update my blog with a review of the event I attended the night before. The goal in this event sharing is to garner a following and pay it forward to those who put themselves out there and created an event based on their passion. Share a bit of my new cookbook.  then go about networking to put together people who should meet based on their shared passions and business.

Perhaps I could choose a quarterly theme and travel around town, the country, or around the world, experiencing around that theme.  On October 2nd I went to a film screening at the PAL Theatre, which is a commmunity-run space housed inside a subsidized social housing initiative reserved for 55+ persons whose careers spanned the arts in some form such as actors, writers, directors, painters, or craftspersons in the back of the house.  The film was called, “Boys of St. Columb’s” by Maurice Fitzpatrick, Tom Collins and Maruice was in attendance for a Q&A session afterwards.   The documentary was about how the mass educational reform allowing free secondary education in Northern Ireland lead to the Civil Rights Movement there.  It was about the transformational effects of education. My sound-bite take-home message from it was that when you educate someone- the status quo gets altered and status quo involves power and often people don’t want to give that power up.  Education results in change so if you want chanage you need to educate.  i want to change our approach to food, fitness and fun!


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