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The 30 day Blog Challenge

I am starting this blog because I want to share my strategies for creating a life full of vitality. The definition of vitality is …

The state of being strong and active; energy.
The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things: “the vitality of seeds”.

… and it resonates with me because when I was nineteen years old I had an accident during my first skydiving jump.  That’s right!  I willingly jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and crash landed. (I tend to be a bit of a risk-taking thrill-seeker). More on that later, but lets just say it took many years of rehab and some disagreeable complications to make me highly value a strong mind and body and the freedom to move about at will.

My journey through to good physical health has made me a very fit and healthy person, with a tonne of energy and a big zest for living life fully and capitalize on being in the moment.

I want to reach those of you who desire to get the most out of life and are willing to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of it.  However, this is hard to do and I follow a number of strategies that I wish to share & I would love to hear about yours.  Mine center around fitness, nutrition, expanding my mind, and taking part in the community around me.

What I find most difficult is focusing because I have a big lust for knowledge and a big passion for having fun.  These things take time and constant cultivation and can lead to burnout.  My Ten Minute Strategies will put more time in your day, and WAY MORE spring in your step so you can live a more vital life. 

I am embarking on this 30 Day Blog Challenge because I just closed down my business and I am looking for my next venture.  Truthfully, I am feeling a bit lost, but this is something I do know about and while my next business venture percolates, it is my intention that this blog becomes a useful tool and generates a strong following of vital peeps!



One comment on “The 30 day Blog Challenge

  1. metabolicm
    October 3, 2013

    I guess I am commenting on my own blog posting here.

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